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Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology: What Is It?

Wearable Technology

You may know these better by the name fitness bands or watches. They’ve been increasing in popularity in the fitness world quickly. The most popular of them all, the Fitbit, came out in 2013. Many people are using them to track their steps for wellness goals, but these devices are so much more than that. Slowly, but surely, more and more health care professionals are realizing the effectiveness of these devices, not only for themselves, but for their patients.


What Do All of These Technologies Have in Common

Wearable Technology Benefits

Most of these watches you can log the same things. You can log things such as:

  • Food intake: You can enter the information or scan the bar code on your food item onto your Fitbit to log your daily intake of calories.
  • Challenges: Nothing more fun than a little challenge between friends. This also helps you and your friends motivate each other to do better.
  • Monitoring your heart rate: These watches are constantly monitoring your heart rate and even better, they’re logging it into your app.
  • Sleep tracking: These watches know when you’re sleeping (kind of creepy, huh?) and they log how long you slept for, your sleep patterns, and how often you are waking up in the middle of the night.
  • Track your cycles: Yes ladies, you can now track your period cycle on these watches.


Different Types of Wearable Technology

  • Fitbit

Fitbit Versa

As stated above, this is probably the most popular of the fitness watches. It has all the features listed above, they come in cool colors, and you only have to take them off to charge them or get in the shower. All of the information is logged into your Fitbit App so you will have access to it at all times.


  • Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Watch out Fitbit, Apple is coming for you! We all know and love that Apple always tries to outdo its competition and they always seem to succeed. While the Apple Watch already does everything listed above, it also now has a built in ECG App, which takes reading your heart rate to a whole new level. It will send you a notification when your heart rate is over 120 bpm or under 40 bpm and also sends it to the health care app on your iPhone. It also monitors irregular rhythm notifications which could be related to atrial fibrillation. Whenever the user’s watch has any signs of any heart issues, the watch will prompt the user to enter any symptoms, such as dizziness or fatigue. It will then make a PDF report that you can share with your doctor.


  • Kardiaband


While this isn’t a watch, it is an add on to the Apple watch, and what is does is even cooler. This band has a built in EKG monitor. This is a whole new level of at home health care. While this may seem similar to the ECG app on the iPhone, it’s a little more advanced. This band can track your blood pressure, weight, activity, and medications, all while providing you with unlimited EKGs and you will have access to a report each time. Also, when the band notices something wrong with your heart rate or physical activity, it will prompt you to take an EKG. 


What Do These Devices Have to Do with Chiropractic Care?


EVERYTHING. Just as when you enter a regular physician’s office, a cardiologist’s office, an acupuncturist’s office, your chiropractor needs to know eating habits, your sleeping habits, how much you exercise, etc. Sometimes it’s hard to answer all of the questions because honestly, most of us aren’t counting our calories or counting the amount of glasses of water we consumed in the past week. This technology opens up so many doors for health care providers to get all of the information they need. Once they see all of these things, it will help them make a diagnosis, or how to help you further with your health. Your chiropractor will have information needed to create a plan that will suit your specific needs.

As these companies continue to grow and to expand on what these watches can do, this will open so many doors on what they can do for health care. The possibilities are endless.




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