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Chiropractic Seminars for Continuing Education

There are a variety of different mediums around today through which chiropractors can complete their continuing competency requirements.  Distance learning, home study, chiropractic seminars, webinars, self-study, exam proctoring, research participation, and the list continues!   We must admit, sometimes it can be overwhelming to figure out through what avenue you need to obtain your chiropractic CE.

Chiropractic Continuing Education Seminars are an important component of chiropractic continuing competency.  You may think to yourself, “How come?  What could be better than completing my Chiropractic CE from home?”

Well, sometimes the best resource to enhance our chiropractic profession and practice is by learning from our peers and colleagues.  Live Chiropractic Seminars expose us to other experienced and renowned chiropractic professionals, allowing a wealth of information on Chiropractic Education to be shared and learned.  Because of the benefits that Chiropractic Seminars bestow upon practicing D.C.’s, this may be one of the reasons why many state chiropractic-licensing boards continue to require licensed Chiropractors to complete the majority, or half, of their continuing competency through in-person events, or live Chiropractic Seminars.

Chiropractors who search for Chiropractic Seminars Online may often find that there are limited events available within their direct geographical region. aims to provide licensed chiropractors with updated information on Chiropractic Seminars in 2017.

At the conclusion of the chiropractic seminar, participants usually receive a certificate signifying their completion of the event, and the amount of credit hours received, to save for their records.  If the live chiropractic seminar is approved by PACE, the CE Provider will report the completed credits to PACE.

It is highly recommended to research your state requirements for Chiropractic CE, so you can save time and money on your continuing competency. did the homework on your state requirements – learn more by clicking the Chiropractic CE tab at the top of the page.

For more information on Chiropractic Continuing Education Requirements, please visit the Chiropractic CE page and the  Frequently Asked Questions page.

Chiropractic Seminars 2018 aims to keep you updated with up-coming Chiropractic Seminars to be held in the United States so you can seize the date on a great learning opportunity.

We are aware that many states still require a portion of Chiropractic Continuing Education to be obtained through live/interactive modalities, such as seminars.

Universities or Organizations hosting Live Chiropractic Seminars for 2018 and looking to advertise their educational opportunity on, please submit an inquiry on the Contact Us page.

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