West Virginia Chiropractic Continuing Education


Your Requirements:
All chiropractic licenses expire annually on June 30.  
The state of West Virginia requires 18 hours of chiropractic continuing education to be obtained between July 1 and June 30 of each year.
Required Subjects:
The Board may require that six (6) of the eighteen (18) hours pertain to certain subjects, such as communicable diseases, first aid, sexual boundaries, record keeping and other subjects that the Board considers appropriate. 
Distance Learning Allowed:
18 Hours
For the June 30, 2022 renewal, licensees may complete all 18 CE hours online due to COVID; there are no mandated hours for the 2022 renewal.  For more information, please click here.
What we can do for you:
We offer a 18 credit hour package for 9.99 per credit!

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Courses Included:
Diagnostic Errors in Rheumatology – 5 CE Hours
Chiropractic Ethical Billing & Coding – 4 CE Hours
Understanding Piriformis Syndrome – 4 CE Hours
Sexual Boundaries for the Healthcare Provider – 3 CE Hours
HIV/AIDS & Infection Awareness – 2 CE Hours
LGBTQ Cultural Competency – 2 CE Hours

Individual Chiropractic CE for West Virginia

Chiropractic CE Courses Online Rheumatology

Diagnostic Errors in Rheumatology – 5 Chiropractic Credit Hours

Diagnostic Errors in Rheumatology reviews commonly made decision errors in this area of medicine. Additionally, we discuss several different medical conditions and how they present themselves in the human body. Conditions discussed include gout, Raynaud’s phenomenon, certain congenital abnormalities, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis and more.
ethical billing and coding course for chiropractors

Chiropractic Ethical Billing & Coding – 4 Chiropractic Credit Hours

This course discusses must know topics in regards to ethical billing and coding and may help you avoid real life healthcare fraud scenarios.
Understanding Piriformis Syndrome

Understanding Piriformis Syndrome – 4 Chiropractic Credit Hours

In this chiropractic CE course, chiropractors will develop their understanding on piriformis syndrome, diagnostic methods, pain management, pathophysiology of the condition, and much more. In addition, chiropractic providers will also explore the statistics surrounding piriformis syndrome, as well as the causes and risk factors behind this condition.
Management & Treatment of Scoliosis

Management & Treatment of Scoliosis – 4 Chiropractic Credit Hours

In this chiropractic continuing education course, the provider will advance their understanding on the condition of scoliosis. Key topics that are analyzed include the presentation of scoliosis, grading, medical management, physical therapy and bracing, musculoskeletal complications, neurological complications of scoliosis, and much more.
Professional Boundaries Course for Chiropractors

Sexual Boundaries for the Healthcare Provider – 3 Chiropractic Credit Hours

Gain a better understanding of professional boundaries, the patient and provider relationships, and how to prevent boundary issues from occurring in your practice. Real life scenarios will be discussed so you can learn how to avoid potential law suits from occurring.
Chiropractic CE Online Courses - Understanding Colorectal Cancer

Understanding Colorectal Cancer – 3 Chiropractic Credit Hours

In this chiropractic CE course, the chiropractor will learn about colorectal cancer and the impact it has on human health and society as a whole. Compare and contrast the patterns of colorectal cancer among the United States and other nations, learn about predisposing risk factors for colorectal cancer, understand prevention against CRC, mortality rates, and much more.
Freedom - LGBT Concept

LGBTQ Cultural Competency & Awareness – 2 Chiropractic Credit Hours

In this chiropractic continuing education course, the chiropractor will develop their understanding on LGBTQ cultural competency and awareness. Upon completion of the course, the chiropractor will be able to identify primary healthcare concerns that impact the LGBTQ community, recognize important terminology that can be used to describe one’s gender identity, learn about the history behind Pride Month, discover how to be more culturally aware and competent when providing treatment for individuals within the LGBTQ community, and much more.

Professional Ethics & Boundaries – 2 Chiropractic Credit Hours

Learn how to avoid confidentiality issues and disputes with patients by understanding HIPAA laws, informed consent, patient confidentiality, and professional boundaries. For a great price, this course offers just that and more by going into detail on court cases that have direct and important implications for all health care providers in practice. This course covers the most important components of professional ethics and boundaries that are relevant to providers today.
Degenerative Disc Disease Course Chiro Hours

Degenerative Disc Disease – 2 Chiropractic Credit Hours

Enhance your knowledge on degenerative disc disease to better assist the patients you treat for this condition in your chiropractic practice.
Chiropractic CE Online Courses Tumors of the CNS

Tumors of the CNS – 2 Chiropractic Credit Hours

For a great price, this chiropractic continuing education course goes into a comprehensive overview of most common tumor types of the CNS and their genetic causes. This course is key to help communicate with patients and demonstrate high competency in this field. Discover crucial signs and symptoms, learn about different hereditary disorders causing these tumors, and boost your understanding of cancer and how it impacts the central nervous system. Buy this course today for the best prices on the internet.
chiropractic courses on Disc bulge and herniation

Chiropractic Guide to Disc Bulge & Herniation – 2 Chiropractic Credit Hours

Understand herniated discs in great depth to be able to communicate effectively with your patients. Patients are looking for knowledgable, competent, and confident chiropractic doctors to help them with their condition.
CPR Tips & Facts

CPR Tips & Facts – 2 Chiropractic Credit Hours

In this course, the chiropractic provider will discover Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for adults, children, and infants. Important tips, facts, and steps to performing CPR properly will be discussed in detail. Additionally, this course will include what to do before starting CPR, activating the emergency response system, health conditions associated with CPR, what not to do when performing CPR, AED’s, and much more.
HIVAIDS Awarness Course Chiropractic Continuing Education

HIV/AIDs & Infection Awareness – 2 Chiropractic Credit Hours

Learn more about the risk factors, causes, and treatment options for HIV/AIDs and other serious infections. This course is appropriate for ‘risk management’ chiropractic CE.