Missouri Chiropractic Continuing Education


Missouri Chiropractor Continuing Education Requirements:

Every 2 years, Missouri Chiropractors shall complete 48 hours of continuing education.

Distance Learning / Online CE allowed:

All 48 CE hours may be obtained online.

What we can do for you:

We offer a discounted course package for Missouri Chiropractic CE!
Chiro Hours also has individual course offerings to choose from.
All courses are approved for Missouri Chiropractic CE credit, and are considered ‘formal.’

Missouri Chiropractic Continuing Education Course Package - Buy 28 CE Credits, Get 1 Free!

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You receive a total of 29 ‘Formal’ Chiropractic CE Hours

Courses Included:
Chiropractic Guide to the Most Common Blood Tests – 5 Hours
Diagnostic Errors in Rheumatology – 5 Hours
Chiropractic Ethical Billing and Coding – 4 Hours
Errors Diagnosing Joint Disease – 3 Hours
Chiropractic Guide to Disc Bulge & Herniation – 2 Hours
Degenerative Disc Disease – 2 Hours
HIV/AIDs & Infection Awareness – 2 Hours
Future Stem Cell Treatments – 2 Hours
Drugs with Severe Side Effects – 2 Hours
Diversity & Cultural Competency – 1 Hour
Nutrition & Wellness – 1 Hour FREE

Individual Online Chiropractic CE Courses for Missouri

Nutrition Chiropractic CE

Nutrition & Wellness

1 Chiropractic Credit Hour
Review your knowledge on the building blocks of nutrition, how the human body responds to the foods it consumes, learn about how fat can affect hormone regulation, and get a glimpse on the science behind the popular fad of fasting. A great chiropractic continuing education course on health and wellness.
Culture and Diversity Chiropractic Course

Diversity & Cultural Competency

1 Chiropractic Credit Hour
The key behind your practice success is understanding every patient’s cultural background. Cultural competency: patient-centered care, awareness, and how this ties into your interactions with patients on a daily basis. Additional topics that will be discussed include counteracting prejudice & bias, research studies involving cultural competence, and how chiropractors can become a more culturally aware health care provider.
High resolution 3D rendering of an injured shoulder in pain.  Composite image of x-ray includes clipping plane for background change.

Analyzing the Rotator Cuff

12 Chiropractic Credit Hours
The purpose of this course is to review the anatomy and physiology of the rotator cuff, and also discuss different conditions such as rotator cuff tears, shoulder pain, acromioclavicular joint degeneration, cardiovascular causes of shoulder pain and more. In addition, we also identify different types of treatment options for individuals with rotator cuff injuries, such as conservative treatments, surgical treatments, pain management, as well as understand the diagnosis and pathogenesis of rotator cuff injuries. Additional topics include Rotator cuff Arthropathy and Glenohumeral Arthritis.
Most Common Blood Tests

Chiropractic Guide to the Most Common Blood Tests

5 Chiropractic Credit Hours
In this chiropractic CE course, the provider will learn about common blood tests such as hemoglobin A1C blood test, c-reactive protein test, kidney function tests, complete blood count and more. Understand what the results of these common tests mean, and discover how these tests help healthcare providers understand what is happening in the body.
Chiropractic CE Courses Online Rheumatology

Diagnostic Errors in Rheumatology

5 Chiropractic Credit Hours

Diagnostic Errors in Rheumatology reviews commonly made decision errors in this area of medicine. Additionally, we discuss several different medical conditions and how they present themselves in the human body. Conditions discussed include gout, Raynaud’s phenomenon, certain congenital abnormalities, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis and more.
ethical billing and coding course for chiropractors

Chiropractic Ethical Billing & Coding

4 Chiropractic Credit Hours

This course discusses must know topics in regards to ethical billing and coding and may help you avoid real life healthcare fraud scenarios.
Errors Diagnosing Joint Disease Chiropractic CE Course

Errors Diagnosing Joint Disease

3 Chiropractic Credit Hours

This course will discuss errors and types of decision-making errors that lead to mis-diagnosing joint disease. The purpose of this course is to educate the chiropractic provider on the different types of diagnostic errors that could be made in a healthcare setting, and additionally to describe and explain related joint diseases, injuries and conditions.
Sick young woman at home on the sofa with a cold, she is covering with a blanket and blowing her nose

Insight into Acupuncture for Allergies & the Common Cold

3 Chiropractic Credit Hours
Offered only for chiropractors who are certified/licensed to provide acupuncture services in their state.
In this course the chiropractic provider will dive into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how it treats allergies and the common cold. Key topics include TCM patterns, herbal formulas, acupuncture points, auricular acupuncture, moxibustion, lifestyle recommendations & more for allergies and the common cold.
Degenerative Disc Disease Course Chiro Hours

Degenerative Disc Disease

2 Chiropractic Credit Hours
Enhance your knowledge on degenerative disc disease to better assist the patients you treat for this condition in your chiropractic practice.
HIVAIDS Awarness Course Chiropractic Continuing Education

HIV/AIDs & Infection Awareness

2 Chiropractic Credit Hours
Learn more about the risk factors, causes, and treatment options for HIV/AIDs and other serious infections. This course is appropriate for ‘risk management’ chiropractic CE.
Stem Cell Research Chiropractic CE

Future Stem Cell Treatments

2 Chiropractic Credit Hours
For a great price, leap into the future and learn about a new area of research, stem cell treatments. This chiropractic continuing education course dives into the details of stem cell research and it’s uses for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, spinal cord injuries, and more. Current information on various research studies for stem cell treatments will be presented as well as a breakdown of stem cells and how they work to help and heal the body. An excellent new area of medicine that everyone in the health care field should be aware of.
Chiropractic Continuing Education drugs with side effects

Drugs with Severe Side Effects

2 Chiropractic Credit Hours
Learn about the most popular drugs that are known in the market place that are associated with severe side effects.
chiropractic courses on Disc bulge and herniation

Chiropractic Guide to Disc Bulge & Herniation

2 Chiropractic Credit Hours
Understand herniated discs in great depth to be able to communicate effectively with your patients. Patients are looking for knowledgable, competent, and confident chiropractic doctors to help them with their condition.