Connecticut Chiropractic Continuing Education

Connecticut Chiropractic Continuing Education

Connecticut Chiropractic Continuing Education Requirements

Chiro Hours is a “Providers of Approved Continuing Education” (PACE) recognized provider.
Your Requirements:

Total of 48 Hours per 2 year renewal Cycle
Renewal deadline is December 31st
2 Hours minimum of Mental health conditions common to veterans and family members of veterans
1 Hour minimum of Manual therapies for chronic pain/management of patients during opioid crisis 
1 Hour minimum of Lyme Disease 
1 Hour minimum of Medical Marijuana
Online CE Allowed:
48 Hours
What we can do for you:
We offer you a discounted 43 credit hour package,
OR you may select a course individually in the listings below.



Connecticut Chiropractic Continuing Education Package –
Buy 42 Credit Hours, Get one FREE!

Best Deal!$9.99 per Credit!
$419.58 for a total of 43 Credit Hours
Courses Included:
HIV/AIDS & Infection Awareness – 2 Hours 
Chiropractic Ethical Billing & Coding – 4 Hours
Understanding Piriformis Syndrome – 4 Hours
Nutrition & Wellness – 1 Hour FREE
Understanding Breast Cancer – 7 Hours
Pharmacogenetics – 10 Hours
Professional Ethics & Boundaries – 2 Hours
Nutrition Research – 2 Hours
Nutritional & Supplemental Safety – 3 Hours
Understanding Lyme Disease – 4 Hours
Chiropractic Guide to Disc Bulge & Herniation – 2 Hours
Understanding Viruses – 2 Hours

Connecticut Online Chiropractic CE Courses

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