District of Columbia Chiropractic Continuing Education

District of Columbia Chiropractic Continuing Education

District of Columbia Chiropractic Continuing Education Requirements


Your Requirements: 
30 Hours per 2 year renewal cycle
2 Hours in LGBTQ Cultural Competency
At least 10% (3 hours of CE’s) of the required total continuing education hours in topics identified by the Director of the Department of Health as public health priorities.
The HIV/AIDS CE is no longer a requirement, however it’s included in the public health priority list for chiropractors to choose from.  Topics identified as key public health priorities include: nutrition and obesity prevention, responsible opioid prescribing, sexual health (including HIV/AIDS), ethics and boundaries, vaccinations, implicit bias, cultural competence, and more.
Distance Learning Allowed: 
All 30 Hours can be obtained through Distance Learning.
What we can do for you:
We offer you a discounted 30 credit hour package,
OR you may select a course individually in the listings below.
Chiropractors Online Joint and Back Pain

District of Columbia Chiropractic Continuing Education 30 Credit Hour Savings Package

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You receive a total of 30 credits for $9.99 per credit hour.
Total $299.70
Courses Include:
Professional Ethics & Boundaries – 2 Hours **Requirement
Chiropractic Ethics: Informed Consent – 2 Hours 
The Opioid Crisis: Then & Now – 4 Hours
Implicit Bias Training – 1 Hour
HIV/AIDS & Public Health – 3 Hours
LGBTQ Cultural Competency & Awareness – 2 Hours **Requirement

CPR Tips & Facts – 2 Hours
Disorders of the Endocrine System – 4 Hours 
Understanding Piriformis Syndrome – 4 Hours
Understanding Joint Aging – 6 Hours

District of Columbia Chiropractic CE Courses

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