Indiana Chiropractic Continuing Education

Indiana Chiropractic Continuing Education

Your Requirements:

Twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education by the July 1, 2020 renewal.
Included within the 24 hour requirement are 8 hours of approved courses in public health and/or risk management.
Distance Learning Allowed:
The Indiana Board of Chiropractic Examiners will accept any part or all of the required continuing education hours by distance learning that is provided by an approved organization. PACE programs are considered approved CE Courses
Important Information:
Chiropractic licensees are not required to submit CE certificates at the time of renewal.  However, they must retain copies of CE certificates for 4 years from the end of the licensing period.  After renewal, a percentage of chiropractic licensees will be chosen for a random audit to submit copies of their continuing education certificates.
What we can do for you:

Chiro Hours offers an online 16 CE course package at a discounted rate!  Learn more below.
Chiropractic Continuing Education Online Courses and Seminars

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$169.83 for a Total of 18 Credits
Courses Included:

Understanding Joint Aging – 6 Hours
Professional Boundaries & Ethics – 2 Hours
Understanding Viruses – 2 Hours
Tumors of the CNS – 2 Hours
HIV/AIDS & Infection Awareness – 2 Hours
The Fight to End Human Trafficking  – 1 Hour FREE
Diversity & Cultural Competency – 1 Hour
Chiropractic Guide to Disc Bulge & Herniation – 2 Hours
Nutrition & Wellness – 1 Hour


Updated 12/09/2020