New York Chiropractic Continuing Education

New York Chiropractic Continuing Education

New York Chiropractic Continuing Education Requirements

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Your Requirements:
A total of 36 hours of continuing education during each 3 year registration period.
24 hours, or two-thirds of your hours, must be formal courses (live seminar, workshop, lecture)
No more than 12 hours, or one-third, of your CE may be obtained through self study (audio, audio-visual, written, online, or other media)
Online CE Allowed:
12 Hours
What we can do for you:
We offer a 12 Credit Hour distance learning package or you may purchase a course individually.
New York Chiropractic Online Courses and Seminars

New York Chiropractic Continuing Education Course Package – 12 Credit Hours

Best Deal – 12 Credit Hours – $9.99 p/Credit!

Chiropractic Ethical Billing & Coding (#NYSCB 1430) – 4 Credit hours
Nutrition Research (#NYSCB 1437) – 2 Credit Hours
Tumors of the CNS (#NYSCB 1445) – 2 Credit Hours
Degenerative Disc Disease (#NYSCB 1431) – 2 Credit Hours
Diversity & Cultural Competency (#NYSCB 1432) – 1 Credit Hour
Nutrition & Wellness (#NYSCB 1438) – 1 Credit Hour

Nutrition Chiropractic CE Online

Nutrition & Wellness

1 Credit Hour
A comprehensive review on the most important components of nutrition you need to know about. #NYSCB 1438

Chiropractic Courses Online Diversity and Cultural Competency

Diversity & Cultural Competency Course

1 Credit Hour

This course explores the philosophy behind cultural competency, patient-centered medicine, awareness, and how this ties into your interactions with patients on a daily basis. #NYSCB 1432

Chiropractic CE Online Courses Tumors of the CNS

Tumors of the CNS

2 Credit Hours

Discover crucial signs and symptoms, learn about different hereditary disorders causing CNS tumors, and boost your understanding of cancer and how it impacts the central nervous system.  #NYSCB 1445

chiropractic courses on Disc bulge and herniation

Chiropractic Guide to Disc Bulge & Herniation

2 Credit Hours
Expand your knowledge in herniated & bulging discs. #NYSCB 1425

Bulging discs Chiropractic CE Course

Treatments for Bulging & Herniated Discs

2 Credit Hours 
Learn more about the different surgical treatments out there today for bulging and herniated discs, including new therapies such as biologics, gene therapy, platelet rich plasma and more.  #NYSCB 1444

Degenerative Disc Disease Course Chiro Hours

Degenerative Disc Disease Course

2 Credit Hours

Enhance your knowledge on degenerative disc disease to better assist patients who seek your care for this condition.  #NYSCB 1431

Nutrition Research Chiropractic CE

Nutrition Research

2 Credit Hours
Learn new research in the field of nutrition.  #NYSCB 1437

Professional Ethics and Boundaries Chiropractic CE

Professional Ethics & Boundaries

2 Credit Hours
Learn about professional boundaries, patient confidentiality, HIPAA, and review famous court cases that have expounded on the topic of ethics in health care.  #NYSCB 1440

ethical billing and coding course for chiropractors

Chiropractic Ethical Billing & Coding

4 Credit Hours
This course discusses must know topics in regards to ethical billing and coding and may help you avoid real life healthcare fraud scenarios. #NYSCB 1430