New York Chiropractic Continuing Education

New York Chiropractic Continuing Education


New York Chiropractic Online Courses and Seminars

Your Requirements:

A total of 36 hours of continuing education during each 3 year registration period.
Renewal deadline is within the birth month after the third registration period.
Of the 36 hours required, at least one-third (12 hours) must be in the areas of patient communications, record keeping, and matters of law and/or ethics which contribute to professional practice in chiropractic and the health and safety, and/or welfare of the public.
The balance may be in chiropractic technique, diagnosis, clinical interventions/evidence-based models, neurological testing, philosophy and principles of chiropractic, basic and clinical sciences and other sciences related to chiropractic practice or other topics which contribute to professional and clinical skills in accordance with the practice of chiropractic
Online CE Allowed:
12 Hours

What we can do for you:

You may select a course individually in the listings below.
Your course certificates will have an NYSCB Approval #.
New York Chiropractic Online Courses and Seminars

New York Chiropractic Continuing Education 12 Credit Hour Savings Package

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Regular price $20 per creditnow $9.99 per credit.

You receive a total of 12 credits for $9.99 per credit hour.
Total $119.88
Courses Included:
Management & Treatment of Scoliosis – 4 Hours
Sexual Boundaries for the Healthcare Provider Part 1 – 3 Hours **Ethics Requirement
Professional Ethics & Boundaries – 2 Hours **Ethics Requirement
Degenerative Disc Disease – 2 Hours
Nutrition & Wellness – 1 Hour

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