Utah Chiropractic Continuing Education

Utah Chiropractic Continuing Education

Utah Chiropractic Continuing Education Requirements


Your Requirements:  Total 40 hours biennially on even numbered years
• No more than 4 hours in marketing or practice building
• Licensees who practice acupuncture must complete 10 Hours in acupuncture

Renewal deadline is May 31st

Distance Learning Allowed: COVID-19 Update – Message from the Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association: The Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing is lifting the temporary waiver of “live” CE requirements that allowed licensees to meet their CE requirements online or virtually, but will accept online/virtual CE as “live” CE until December 31, 2021. To read more about this update, review the waiver issued by the board here.

What we can do for you:
•  If you are certified in acupuncture, we offer a 10 Credit Hour Distance Learning Acupuncture Package.
•  For Regular hours, we offer a 40 Credit Hour Distance Learning Package.
• You also have the option of buying a course individually!

Utah Chiropractic Continuing Education

Utah Chiropractic Continuing Education – Buy 39 Credits, Get 1 Credit FREE

Best Deal – $9.99 per credit – YOU SAVE $9 p/Credit
Total $389.61 for 40 Credit Hours
Courses Included:
Errors Diagnosing Joint Disease – 3 Hours
Treatments for Bulging & Herniated Discs – 2 Hours
Chiropractic Ethical Billing & Coding – 4 Hours
Conditions of the Pelvic Girdle Part 1 – 6 Hours
Athletic Injuries Part 1 – 6 Hours
Chiropractic Guide to the Most Common Blood Tests – 5 Hours
Immunotherapy: Key Concepts – 5 Hours
Understanding Crohn’s Disease – 2 Hours
HIV/AIDS & Infection Awareness – 2 Hours
Understanding Lyme Disease – 4 Hours
The Fight to End Human Trafficking – 1 Hour FREE

Chiro Hours Online Iowa

Utah Acupuncture Distance Learning Package – 10 Credit Hours

*Offered only for chiropractors who are certified/licensed to provide acupuncture services in their state.
Best Deal – $9.99 per Credit 

Total $99.90

Courses Included:
Insight into Acupuncture for Allergies & the Common Cold – 3 Hours

Acupuncture for Joint & Back Pain – 2 Hours
Acupuncture & Insomnia – 2 Hours
Acupuncture Infertility Basics – 2 Hours
Safety & Insight into Pediatric Acupuncture – 1 Hour

Updated 5/28/2021